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Name: Excel Dashboard Training Videos
Total Videos: 20
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Short Description of Course
An online training program on Excel Dashboard. It is covered in nearly 2.5 hours of videos and covers exhaustive list of topics. This course will help you to learn Excel Dashboard from very scratch. This course is helpful for beginners as well as advanced users.

About Excel Dashboard

Excel Dashboard is powerful tool to summarize and get high level overview of the large complicated data and present it through chart on one page.

Dashboard is helpful make quick decisions.

List of Dashboard Videos included in this Course

Introduction to Basic Charts in Excel
1. Introduction to Chart Elements & Chart Types 5Mins 57Secs
2. Create your first basic chart and display specific details 2Mins 28Secs
3. How to create Instant Chart, Use of Switch & Move Buttons 4Mins 48Secs
4. How to change the default chart, give title, save as template 6Mins 54Secs
5. Understand the use of Legends, Chart Title, Axis, Data Labels, Gridlines etc. 6Mins 46Secs
6. How to add average to the Charts 2Mins 46Secs
7. How to create Double Axis Chart to display values with huge difference 1Mins 21Secs
8. Create Simple Pie Chart 3Mins 18Secs
9. Formatting of Pie Chart & Key Features 4Mins 45Secs
10. Advanced knowledge of Pie Chart 6Mins 42Secs

Basic Excel Dashboard
1. How to create Scrolling Table with scroll bar and Vlookup 8Mins 28Secs
2. How to prepare a Scrolloling Chart 13Mins 06Secs

Chart Based Comparing Dashboards
1. Sample Comparative Dashboard 5Mins 51Secs
2. Comparative Dynamic Chart with two Combo Box 8Mins 16Secs
3. Dynamic Dashboard with Multiple Check Boxes 12Mins 08Secs

Use of Conditional Formatting in Dashboard
1. Roll Over Dashboard 12Mins 34Secs
2. How to highlight Row and Column 7Mins 41Secs
3. How to display values with Colour 9Mins 41Secs
4. Static Dashboard To Analyse Huge Raw Data 12Mins 08Secs
5. How to prepare Performance Indicator with Chart 9Mins 19Secs

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