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Excel dashboard training

Excel Dashboards Training online

Online Excel Dashboard Training (Become a professional in Excel Dashboard with our self paced online course) About Excel Dashboard Excel Dashboard is powerful tool to summarize and get high level overview of the large complicated data and present it through chart on one page. Dashboard is helpful make quick decisions.   251 total views, 3 views today

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Best way to learn Financial modeling

Steps to follow in Financial Modelling

Steps to follow in Financial Modelling What are the general steps in a Financial Modelling process? A standard financial model will include Historical financial statements, Historical analysis, assumptions, working schedule for projection of Revenue, expense, depreciation & amortization, tax, basic & diluted EPS, working capital, capital expense, shares & equity, debt & cash flow statement. […]

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Free Advanced Excel Tutorials

Free online video lectures of Advanced Excel Tutorials   1 Advanced Excel Tutorial – Creating dynamic charts in excel: With the help of scroll bar 4Mins 22Secs 2 Advanced Excel Tutorial – Dynamic Chart with Index Function with combobox 5Mins 26Secs 3 Creating dynamic charts in excel: With the help of scroll bar 6Mins 25Secs […]

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DCF Valution

DCF Valuation Overview

DCF overview: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) is the most reliable and widely used technique of valuation. This is fundamental technique of valuation which is based on the principle that the value of an asset will depend on the expected cash flows which the asset will generate in future. Similarly the value of company will depend […]

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