Complete Excel vba access training

Excel vba access sql database

Excel VBA Access sql database

MIS & Analytics Training: Excel, Access, VBA (Macro), Dashboards complete:

Investment Banking Institute offers advance level practical training for MIS reporting for better management of data and analysis for decision making. You will explore the advance and rarely known feature to manage the large amount of unstructured data. In just 10days of weekend training, you become more employable in corporate Office as MIS executive.

This module is helpful for beginners as well as advanced user of Excel, VBA, Access and Dashboard reporting. This course is designed to make you work like a professional from day one.

Following are the various module covered in the 10 days weekend course:

  1. Advance Excel Training: (Over 100 functions, tools and commands and short cuts)

In this module, you will learn each and everything about Excel 2013. You will learn more then 100

Formulas and function with examples, Basic and dynamic Chart, special charts, Pivot table, Analytical

tools, Array formulas and other exciting features of this supreme software.

  1. VBA (Macro) Programing (Practice more than 100 basic and advance VBA programs )

In this module, you will learn VBA (Macro) programming from Basic to advance with various advance useful commands. You learn top 100 useful commands, User forms and connections between MS office applications using VBA.

  1. Dashboards Training (Design summary with chart and tables of large data sets)

Dashboards is a one page dynamic or static chart or table based summarised view of large data set. In this module, you will learn very powerful use of dynamic charts, dynamic tables and use of form controls.

  1. Access Training: (Everything from Basic to advance Access training with project)

In this 3 days Access training, you will learn each and everything about Access 2013. Learn how to

create table, connect table, define primary and foreign keys, make query, generate reports and

much more.

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