Advanced excel online course

Advanced Excel Online Training Video

Advanced Excel Online Training Video

(Become a professional with our self paced online course)

Categories of functions covered in this course:

  1. Basic Excel Calculation & Function
  2. Excel Short Cuts
  3. Conditional Functions
  4. Text and Lookup Function
  5. Finance, Database Functions
  6. Maths & Stats
  7. Date & Time
  8. What IF analysis
  9. Array Functions
  10. Additional Features in 2010
  11. Spinner, Scroll Bar, List Box, Combo Box

Tools and Commands covered in this course:

  1. Conditional Formatting
  2. Paste Special
  3. Go To Special, Sorting, Adv Filter
  4. Error Tracking, Evaluate Formula
  5. Name Manager, Import from web
  6. Text to Column, Data Validation
  7. Consolidate, Goal Seek, SubTotal
  8. What IF Analysis, Scenario Analysis
  9. Workbook & WorkSheet Protection
  10. Pivot tables, Analysis Tool Pack

List of Excel Videos included in this Course

Basic Excel Calculation

  1. Define Short Cut Key to Open Excel
  2. Basic Excel Calculations
  3. Define Ranges to perform Calcuations
  4. Absolute and Relative Reference in Excel
  5. Mixed Referencing
  6. Write a 3D Function and How to condolidate

Useful Quick Excel Shortcuts

1. Shortcut to AutoSum, Copy, Paste 2Mins 50Secs
2. How to repete previous task 2Mins 10Secs
3. Shortcut to Fill Down and Fill Right 1Mins 10Secs
4. How to Insert and Delete Rows & Columns 2Mins 10Secs
5. Show and Hide the ribbon with shortcut keys 1Mins 30Secs
6. Use of ribbon without mouse 2Mins 55Secs
7. How to Customize the shortcuts 4Mins 45Secs
8. How to Customize Ribbon 4Mins 45Secs


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